EW AND2 ioio Board (pronounced yoyo). This board is a standardised design to interface with android devices. It can take a serial signal and convert it to be read by the android over the usb cable. The unit comes as standard with interfaces for 2 serial devices, but up to 4 are available

The ioio board will also supply power to the android. The board requires a power supply between 9-15volts. Currently, enhanced security in android version 4, prevents XCSoar from accessing the ioio board, but this problem should be overcome in the near future.

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EW BS1 Bluetooth to serial adapter uses the signal from the serial device to send out a wireless signal that can be read by the android device. Each serial device requires a bluetooth unit and up to seven units can be used in parallel.
The EW BS1 bluetooth unit requires a 9-15 volt supply. The serial signal is taken from a standard D9 socket. The supply voltage and regulated 5v is also available on the D9 socket. This 5v may be used to power your android device. Leads made for different serial devices and with a usb power link to charge the android device are available. The baud rate can be specified, but it is also configurable by the owner using a suitable serial lead.

The EW BS1 adapters can be used to send serial signals to other devices such as PDAs etc.

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Connecting to Android Devices

XCSoar, the free moving map software has been developed to run on android devices such as such as the Dell Streak, Samsung Galaxy, etc.
It cannot connect directly to serial devices such as the microRecorder, Flarm etc. To access these devices there are 2 methods available-