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EW Windows Uploader can be used to upload traces from any of the current EW Avionics English language loggers. These are the models A, B, C, and D barographs and loggers designed for gliding and general aviation use and the model E loggers designed for road and sailing purposes. It can also be used to set various parameters on the model D and E loggers including the user number, sample interval and flight declaration details.

EW Windows Uploader runs on 32 bit versions of Microsoft Windows. That is, on Windows 95 and later and on Windows NT 4.0 and later.

Unlike previous software from EW Avionics used for trace upload, EW Windows Uploader does not perform any display or analysis of the trace contents. It also cannot store the trace in the .EWT format required by EWView/DOS and often used with EWView/3. EW Windows Uploader only stores traces in the ".IGC" format defined by the International Gliding Commission of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale.

The exact details of the .IGC file stored by this program are described by EW Avionics IGC File Format .

IGC log files from the EW Model E are not designed for gliding use. They will not validate using the IGC VALI-EWA program.

EW Windows Uploader can open more than one serial port if they are available on the computer and can perform simultaneous uploads, one on each available port. This can be useful if a number of loggers need to be uploaded for a competition.

This documentation applies in the case where no command line parameters are given when the program is started. The effect of command line switches are described at Command Line Parameters.


Once it is started, EW Windows Uploader opens each of the serial ports (as described under Communication Ports Window) then waits for a logger to be connected and switched on. For model A, B and C loggers the PRT key must be pressed to put the logger in print mode.

When a logger is connected EW Windows Uploader retrieves the list of traces it contains and displays the Logger Main Window which differs in detail between the model A, B and C loggers and the model D and E loggers.

The appropriate logger main window allows the user to select the trace to be uploaded and start the upload operation. It also allows all of the traces in the logger's memory to be deleted. For the model D and E loggers, it also allows the user number, sample interval and flight declaration to be set.

Main Window

The EW Windows Uploader main window serves mainly to contain the other windows displayed by the program. As such, it is fairly simple.

Main Window

On program startup the main window will contain the Communication Ports Window which is described separately.

The menu commands available on the main window are:

File | Exit
Terminates the program execution. This may take a few seconds as the communications ports must be closed, turning off any connected loggers.
View | Communication Ports...
Opens the Communication Ports Window. Useful if this window has been closed or lost behind other windows.

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