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Performing the Upload

Start the upload of a trace by selecting the appropriate trace in the trace list then choosing the Upload Trace button on the appropriate logger main window - either that for models A, B or C loggers or that for model D or E loggers.

As the trace upload is started the logger main window is closed. Progress of the upload can be watched in the Communication Ports window. For model A, B and C loggers the time of day corresponding to the data currently being received from the logger is displayed against the serial port. For model D or E loggers, the number of packets of data which have been transferred from the logger is displayed.

Trace Warnings Dialog

After the transfer has been completed the trace is checked for any unusual conditions - for example, that the are no points high enough above the start altitude of the trace or that there are no records of the geodetic datum in use by the GPS receiver. If any such conditions are found the Trace Warnings dialog box is displayed:

Trace Warning Dialog Box

Note that the model E doesn't record pressure altitude so will always have warnings related to lack of a take-off or landing.

When you have taken note of any relevant warnings, choose the OK button to close the Warnings Dialog Box.

Save As Dialog

Once any warnings have been read, a conventional Save As dialog box is displayed to allow you to choose where to store the uploaded trace.

Save As Dialog Box

The default file name follows the IGC standard naming convention using the sequence number of the trace in the logger's memory to set the last digit.

This means that if a trace is recorded and uploaded then the logger's memory is cleared and another trace is recorded on the same day there may be a clash of file names. In this case a message box asking for confirmation that the first trace is to be overwritten is displayed. Normally in these rather unusual circumstances you will want to change the name used for the second trace.

If you choose the Cancel button then a confirmation dialog box is displayed:

Cancel Confirmation Message Box

Choosing Yes on this dialog will discard the trace. If it is wanted it will have to be uploaded from the logger again.

Normally, of course, you will select the correct directory and file name in the Save As dialog then choose the Save button. The trace is written to disk and the save confirmation dialog box is displayed:

Saved Message Box

The program then returns to the Logger Main Window to allow more traces to be uploaded.

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