The microRecorder and microTracker do not require any special software to download over a USB, provided that you are using Windows 2000 or later.
On connecting the USB, the files will appear in an removeable Hard drive as- EW IGC Logs.
The text file EW-USER.txt is used to inputpilot information declarations, and set recording parameters such as data rate. The correct setting will depend on how the microRecorder is being used-
Example EW-USER.txt files for use with microRecorder. Copy file, add pilot name etc and save to the microRecorder, or to the SD card-
EW-USER.txt for Internal battery operation
EW-USER.txt For External power operation
EW-USER.txt For PDA and External power operation.

To validate the files produced by the recorders use- EW Validate software

EW Win Uploader (model 'D' and earlier)

EW Win Uploader is our basic Windows utility to perform the day to day uploading and general management of the Flight Recorders. At a minimum you should install this program and use it to create *.IGC files. These can be used to claim your badge flights and also can be read by much more advanced programs for analysis and general viewing of traces.

It is available free of charge, simply click below to download.

bullet EW Win Uploader

bulletHelp files

For operation with a serial/usb adaptor, we would recommend you use a modified version of the software.
EW Win Uploader for USB adaptor